Best Solutions for Flower Storage

When cured and stored correctly, flower remains stable and usable for up to two years. Good storage does not mean throwing your buds in a plastic bag and into a drawer. Although many people do it, it’s not the best way to store cannabis. It’s best if you’ll create the ideal environment for your flower. 

Protect Your Flower

Before listing the storage solutions, it helps to identify the factors that could degrade your flower. These are: 

Light: Light is the most significant and most common factor that degrades flower. UV rays in the light are very harsh. Just as they make the paint on your car or house fade and look dull, they burn up the flower. Light breaks down the terpenes and cannabinoids in your stash, rendering them useless. So, when you store flower, get an opaque container, and place it where there is no sunlight. 

Temperature: Terpenes evaporate as temperatures rise. Dry flower without terpenes produces harsh, unpleasant smoke. Also, high temperatures encourage the growth of mold and mildew. The two thrive when the temperatures are between 78 and 86 degrees. So, store the cannabis at a temperature lower than this range. Do not store your flower in the fridge, either. The refrigerator is said to have high moisture content. Avoid the freezer also because freezing temperatures could make the trichomes burst and lose potency. The best cool and dry place to store the flower container would be in a dark corner or a closet. 

Moisture: You must keep your buds dry because mold will grow otherwise. Also, don’t let the buds dry too much because the cannabinoids and terpenes in them start to degrade. The humidity range should be between 59 and 63 relative humidity. But, since it’s difficult to control the moisture, it’s best to use humidifying capsules. 

Air: Your flowers’ exposure to oxygen also influences the longevity of cannabis. When the oxygen level is too much, the flower degrades faster. When the oxygen is little, the airflow is little, and the humidity level increases. High humidity, in turn, allows the growth of mildew and mold. As such, the best way to prevent any oxygen exposure at all is to vacuum seal it. But, since most people do not own a vacuum sealer, an airtight container will do. Make sure to choose the right size, though; not too big as this will trap too much oxygen and not too small as this will cramp the buds together. 

Storage Containers to Try

1. A Cvault 

This container is airtight and has adequate climate control. The Cvault looks like the spice tins in many people’s kitchens. The container is a perfect solution for storing flower because it keeps the flower fresh. It also preserves the terpenes, ensuring that the flower does not lose its aroma. However, be warned that the Cvault does not prevent the flower smell from escaping the jar. So, be careful where you stash your flower container. 

2. Sneak Guard

The sneak guard is preferred because it is airtight and does not emit any scents. It has several storage compartments to accommodate many products and tools. You also get to secure the container by code, which helps to keep your stash safe.

3. UV-proof Glass Stash Container

The UV-proof glass stash container is ideal for storing small flower amounts. It ensures a dark environment for the flower and prevents the flower smell from leaking out. Another advantage is that the container allows the buds to continue curing, which improves the buds’ quality. 

4. Glass Mason Jars

The advantage of glass mason jars is that you can find them anywhere. Walk into a home improvement or a grocery store and purchase your wide-mouth jars. Most people use them to store their spices, sauces, and marinades. You could use them to protect your buds from air and moisture. The jars also successfully contain the flower smells and protect the buds from being crushed during handling. However, since the jars are relatively large, ensure that the jar is at least ¾ full to avoid too much air in the jar. Once the flower level goes down, switch to a smaller jar. Also, due to the transparency of the glass jars, store them in a dark place.

5. Herb Guard With Humidipak

The herb guard is UV-resistant, smell-proof, and holds only one ounce of buds, at best. It maintains the freshness of your flower and keeps air from getting in. The herb guard is ideal for storing small quantities of flower. 

6. The Cannador

This storage container is specifically designed for storing cannabis. It comes with several glass jars, and you get to choose which of the storage options to take. The cannador has a cannabis organizer, allowing you to store up to six strains separately. It is convenient to use, and you will also love its unique sleek design. 

Avoid the Plastic

The principal mistake people make is storing their flower in plastic. Plastic produces a static charge that can tear apart your succulent trichomes. Although most flower is sold to you in plastic bags, remove it from the bag immediately once you get it. Do not put it in any plastic medicine jar, either. Unless you intend to consume the flower in the next two to three days, plastic will subject you to the problems pointed out here. Use plastic containers and bags only for transit. 

Cure the Buds

When storing flower for a long time, cure the buds for at least four weeks. The curing process significantly improves the smoothness and potency of the buds. Curing ensures that your stash has reached its peak potency before you store it away. You also get to the ideal moisture level. 

Wooden Holders

Although glass is ideal for storing flower, some people insist on wooden containers, like those used to hold cigars. There are wooden containers explicitly designed to hold flower, but be careful not to confuse the kind meant for flower and cigars. Cigar humidors will give your flower a cigar taste. They also hold in the moisture that would degrade your flower. 

With any of the above flower storage methods, you need not worry about the viability of your flower in the long-term. You can comfortably save money by buying your strains in bulk and storing them. 

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