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How to Control Humidity When Storing Your Cannabis

In movies, marijuana growers and distributors are often shown keeping and passing flower stored in simple plastic bags. While that may be a good idea in the movies, it isn’t the best way to store flower in real life. Humidity and other factors can affect your marijuana. You can protect your bud with proper storage […]

Concentrate Storage Tips & Tricks

Those new to the cannabis community may be surprised to discover there are more products than just cannabis flowers and edibles available on the market. As more countries start to legalize cannabis use for both medical and recreational use, more products start to be developed. Recently, cannabis concentrates have gained more following. Available in many […]

FDA Guidelines for Packaging CBD Products

What Are The State And Federal Regulations For CBD Products? The Food and Drug Administration, often referred to as the FDA, oversees the safety and efficacy of food, drugs, cosmetics, biological products, and medical devices. It is essential to be informed about the legalities concerning cannabidiol products. The 2018 US Farm Bill emphasizes that the […]

Good Practices: Cannabis Packaging Child-Safety Tips

Marijuana Packaging: Common Requirements & Good Practices for Cannabis Packaging With the growth of the cannabis industry, the demand for child safety in packaging has risen too. Also, the regulations put in place for cannabis packaging vary from state to state. In other words: measures taken by a dispensary in Denver might not be enough for […]

Go Green: How to Recycle and Repurpose Your Cannabis Containers

With the growth of the marijuana industry, and the subsequent regulations that have been come down, the importance of individual efforts to recycle plastics has increased. Single grams that can fit in a small containers are put into 1/8th containers. This leaves the customers with a sour feeling that they are contributing all too much to the plastic waste problem […]